-Preshow Match: “The Instant Impact” Justin Tyme vs. Sexy Steve

winner: Justin Tyme

*Promo* – Vice President Debbie Bouch would come out to thank all the GBW fans for coming out and waiting throughout this past winter for GBW to return. She would call out Quinn Nash to announce his choice of a tag team partner tonight in his GBW TAG TEAM Title shot match. Quinn would state that it would be none other than JT Roberts and pleaded with Bouch to allow this as Nash felt Roberts could be trusted.

– Match 1: “Fabulous” Fred Flash (w/ Solid Metal Studs) vs. Richie Swann

.winner: Richie Swann with Frog Splash off the top rope for the win

– Match 2: Jamaican Hit Squad vs. Guys.Beards.Wrestling

winner: Jamaican Hit Squad with the pin

– 4 Way GBW BREAKER TITLE #1 Contendership Match: Alex Colon vs. Drew Gulak vs. Ryan Slater vs. Tyler Veritas

winner: Drew Gulak with a dragon cluth on Colon for the win

-ONE LAST TIME MATCH: Eric Enders vs. “The X Man” Simon Ryme

winner: Eric Enders after 2 consecutive “Tomikazes”

Note: After the match Debbie Bouch would thank Simon for 6 years of great action and that the door will always remain open for his return. The entire GBW locker room would come out to honor Ryme as he made his emotional farewell.


– Match 5: CORE vs. Jimmy Starz

winner: CORE with the “Last Chancery” submission after Starz hit an exposed turnbuckle


– GBW BREAKER TITLE Match: Ryan McBride vs. “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy (c)

winner: “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy with the pin

-GBW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: “Mighty” Quinn Nash/ “Showtime” JT Roberts vs. The Solid Metal Studs (c) [w/ Fred Flash]

winners and NEW GBW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Quinn Nash/JT Roberts with Nash hitting a bicycle kick on Steele to pick up the win.

Note: Towards the end when Nash & Roberts seem to be on the same page, JT would hit the “Remix Kick” on Quinn and walk away from ringside

– MAIN EVENT -GBW WORLD TITLE Match: Adam Cole vs. Greg Excellent (c)

winner: Greg Excellent with a reversal of the sunset flip by Cole into the pin

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