November 21, 2009 - GBW: BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG - Night 1


- Round 2 Match 1: Ryan McBride vs. Adam Cole

winner: Adam Cole with devastaing flying Yakuza Kick and the pin


- Round 2 Match 2: Jimmy Starz vs. "Mighty" Quinn Nash

.winner: "Mighty" Quinn Nash with reversal from a Tornado DDT into a small package


- Round 2 Match 3: Eric Enders vs. "Showtime" JT Roberts

winner: Eric Enders with a CrossFace Submission

Note - After the match up Roberts would complain to referee Tonya Stephens that his foot was under the rope. Going even further to hit "The Revolver" on her as Maven Bentley and the other referees came out and demanded he leave the building


- Round 2 Match 4: Greg Excellent vs. CORE

winner: Greg Excellent with a Tiger Driver




- Round 3 Match 1: Adam Cole vs. "Mighty" Quinn Nash

winner: Adam Cole after reversing a sunset flip pin on Nash


- Round 3 Match 2: Eric Enders vs. Greg Excellent

winner: Eric Enders with a CrossFace submission

Note: Greg Excellent would sustain injuries to his neck and shoulder during this match


- GBW TAG TEAM TITLE Match: The New Orient Express (Bruce Chan/Hyru Takeshi) vs. The Solid Metal Studs (c) [w/ Mo Nikkels]

winners: The Solid Metal Studs after hitting Chan with a cane while the referee was distracted


- GBW BREAKER TITLE 4-Way Match: Ryan Slater vs. "Fabulous" Fred Flash vs. Tyler Veritas vs. "Chainsaw" Joe Gacy (c)

winner: "Chainsaw" Joe Gacy with a "Fist Wash" on Flash followed by a pin



winner and 2009 GBW: BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG Champion: Adam Cole with a flipping piledriver on Enders off the tope rope

Notes - During the match Enders would pull the referee into the path of Adam Cole knocking the referee out and allowing him to grab a steel chair and hit Cole with it minutes later. Enders would try reviving the referee only for Simon Ryme to hit the ring and hit a devastaing "Simon-Cutter" on Eric to even things up. After the match Adam would thank everyone but would issue the challenge to Greg Excellent for the GBW WORLD Title at GBW: 6 YEARS STRONG which was accepted.





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