Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 172lbs.

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Motto: “Get ready for the impact”

The Finish: “Impact Driver” , “Simon-Cutter”

GBW Titles: GBW BREAKER Champion, GBW WORLD Champion


Derek Frazier as lived up to his nickname of “Pure Impact” since comning to GBW in 2004. Delivering a hard hitting style that’s equipped with his fast action cruiserweight nature for a deadly combination. He’s also garnished the nickname of “Double Cross” Derek Frazier as well since he’s turned on any partner or partnership he’s been in. An athlete nonetheless who’s historic feud with Ruckus in GBW has only been one of his accomplishments.

In early 2005 he would head up one of the biggest rivalrys in GBW’s history as he lead a team of EWA superstars against the ranks of some of GBW’s elite, with his alliance continually coming out on top. Frazier would also manage to defeat a former 2 time GBW World Champion: Simon Ryme in controversial fashion driving him out of GBW. Since then he’s mockingly used the “Simon-Cutter” as his finish further spawning many peoples disgust for his words and actions. Derek would also manage to again in the controversial fashion he’s known for become the first EWA superstar to hold the GBW BREAKER title. Now with the EWA alliance dissolved and no longer a champion, what will the future hold for Derek Farzier, one thing is he will make an impact!

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