uddha Roll

Height: 6 feet 2 inches.

Weight: 5200 Liquid Ounces

Hometown: Hanover, PA via Tibet


The Finish: “Karma Killer”, “Buddha Roll”

GBW Titles: N/A

Summary: The largest man on GBW’s roster looks to prove that size is no issue. Coming from an amateur wrestling and football background the transition to professional wrestling seemed natural for the large man. Trained by GBW superstar Simon Ryme, Buddha spent months learning the profession until it became almost an art form to him. But don’t let his sometimes comedic nature fool you, his teachings have given him a vast knowledge of throws, suplexes and holds which he is surprisingly able to demonstrate. However, don’t be fooled by his agility either for a large man as Buddha uses his size for one of the most devastating moves in GBW today, the “Buddha Roll”. Throwing his massive body into his opponent lying down in the corner has raised not only eyebrows but the fans as well. With size and strength both in his favor Big Buddha’s future in GBW looks to be possibly a bright one.

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