Grownd Breaking News

The meeting held on Saturday July 28th, 2001 was very successful as well as promising. A lot was established in determing the future of this company.

All wrestlers on the roster will have their looks, names and colors trademarked. Also our wrestlers will spend the next six months hitting the gym, and being professionally trained by two licensed wrestlers.

A bilboard was purchased to advertise the corporation, and once we have recieved our promoters license, we will begin advertising. A large order of Ground Breaking Wrestling T-Shirts was recieved last week and will be ready for sale once our promoters license is obtained.

The projected start date for Ground Breaking Wrestling is towards the new year. Recruiting will also take place during this time to create a very talented and proportioned roster.I will continue to keep you posted once more decided upon.

Page Updates (July 31, 2001)

Thank you for visiting our new online home of Ground Breaking Wrestling, Inc.

The page has been updated with the results of the meeting. Also the events page has been updated as well with the next months agenda. Check back soon for more updates!

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